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Project Description

Caring Matters Now is a charity set up by Jodi Whitehouse. It is the only UK charity dedicated to supporting those affected by Congenital Melanocytic Naevi. Congenital Melanocytic Naevus, a type of birthmark that may appear in newborn babies, are brown or black moles covering up to 80% of the body & can also grow internally.

I’ve been creating and managing websites for Caring Matters Now for over 10 years. I’ve just recently launched their brand new mobile friendly website just in time for their London exhibition entitled ‘HOW DO YOU C MNOW?’

“Mark has designed and managed the Caring Matters Now website since we established as a registered charity in 2007.  The website has been re-designed 3 times over the years, and each time we have invested in re-designing the website, Mark has exceeded all our expectations!  We have received feedback about our most recent website design stating, our website is better than a number of the leading charity websites out there.  This is a huge compliment not only for the charity, but also for Mark who has done all the design and development work.  Thank you Mark.”

Lucy Hardwidge, Support & Communications Officer - Caring Matters Now

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